How exciting!! a new website and new blog! (new spring flora pics)

Its 2014 and I think most blogs have sub blogs at this point, but what can I say... I'm a little old fashioned when it comes to some of these current trends. So having the opportunity to maintain an active blog, built into my photography website does excite me.

So please stay tuned!

And you will see more work in the coming months. It will be updated with current projects that have just finished, along with lots of personal work, that I plan to shoot over the spring and summer at hand. So for starters here are some stills of plant life. Something I needed to see more of after this long and over extended Winter.

Space is the Place

The top four images were made with a mixture of water, oil, dyes, and other ingredients. It was after seeing a spectacular "psychadelic" light show at a concert recently, that I was inspired to see what could be created back in the studio. The options are endless, since working with liquid. I also like the way they work in combination with other images as well.

Like the two seen on the bottom. There are more of these to come, that is for sure!